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Zeetex Continues its Expedition

Tokyo, Japan – ZEETEX starts off the New Year with yet another proud moment, as the journey continues with the sole aim to diversify into different markets and cater to the needs of the customers by offering them the best solution possible.


ZEETEX participated in Tokyo Auto Salon which is one of the chief automobile sector trade shows in Japan, where latest trends and innovations from the auto sector are brought to limelight. The trade show was from January 9th to 11th at Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, where ZEETEX was allotted a separate booth by its key Japanese Customer – AUTOWAY.


ZEETEX exhibited its wide range of patterns under different categories including, PCR, LTR, UHP, Winter and SUV 4×4, where the response from the end users and customers was commendable; especially for ZT2000 from PCR, HP1000 from UHP, and S100 from Winter tires.


The mega event was surely a massive springboard for the new innovative automotive products to get promoted and in providing the companies with wide prospects to leverage their business and increase the horizon of their corporate networks.

ZeetexZeetex Continues its Expedition
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